The aim of the seminar is to facilitate a deeper understanding of the online course ’Open societies and the ECHR’ held by Antoine Buyse – Janneke Gerards – Paulien de Morree, lecturers at Utrecht University, on Coursera (available here)

About the seminar

Language: English

Duration: 2 hours, weekly

Outline of the seminar:

The outline of the seminar follows closely the outline of the course. (Click on the titles below to see the detailed articles)

Week 1: Background and history of the ECHR

Week 2: Basic principles and rationale of the ECHR system

Week 3: The rights in the ECHR

Week 4: The Council of Europe and its institutions

Week 5: The admissibility of individual complaint

Article 1: Full material available from here.

Article 2: Full material available from here.

Questions should be directed to:

Mónika Márton

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